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We had a banquet Saturday night and they placed candles on our mantle. Although, most were unscented a couple had oil in them and this has leaked on the front of the mantle which is made of brick and grout and suggestions we've tried degreasers, heating, grout cleaners etc. any suggestions we really don't want to replace the facing on the fireplace but we may not have any choice. Someone said that we might try a mild acid but I don't know. Any suggestions?
I also directed the banquet coornator to buy the right candles and we'll just sell them to the brides so this won't happen again.
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You can use some stuff called muriatic acid, which is made for cleaning brick and sold in hardware stores. It can be fairly nasty. I worked in a kitchen that had a fire shortly before I went to work there, and the boss had some dumb kids trying to clean the grout between the tiles with it, and they didn't like the smell so they put a big fan on and used spray bottles to apply the swill. It got sucked into the fan and blown around and etched the stainless steel cabinets. We could polish it out, but still...don't breathe the fumes.look here for more info

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