A personal invitation.

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Dear Friends:

You are probably aware that I maintain a web site which can be found at http://www.OliveTree.cc . The reason why I created my web site is to educate and inform the public about this precious staple that is olive oil.

The more I kept working on my site, the more my personal passion for gastronomy and natural food biodiversity became an integral part of it. My respect for the olive oil farmers who make it all possible for us is evident by my policy to maintain a free international olive farmers directory on my site. I have also offered to olive farmers and farmers who maintain a farm B&B operation to create for free a one page presentation that I maintain without any charge on my site.

I have discussed with Nicko my idea to extend a similar offer to all of the domestic and international Professional Chef members of the Chef Talk Café. I am planning to create a special section on my site, entitled The Chef Talk Café, which will feature a direct link to the ChefTalk.com, and in which I will create, free of charge, a one page presentation for each Professional Chef who would like to be featured. I have envisioned this presentation to include the following components: the name, address, phone number, etc. of the restaurant of which you are the Chef; a brief biography of the Chef; a description of the character and featured or specialty menu items at the restaurant; one or two photographs of your restaurant; and one of the Chef’s favorite recipes. If the featured Chef has his/her own web site, a link to their web site will also be presented. This database will be searchable by city, state and country. I am offering this service free of charge exclusively to the Professional Chef members of our Café. I hope that if you decide to participate, this effort will give you added exposure and a new dimension to ChefTalk.

Nicko liked my idea and he suggested that I proceed with it. If you like my idea and you would like to take advantage of my offer, please send me some photographs of your restaurant/café together with your favorite recipe and a little write-up about yourself and your restaurant. I feel as if we are a big family here. If you have any questions or you need additional information about my offer, please let me know.

My web site, The Olive Tree World, was launched five months ago. It has won more than 37 awards and it receives 350 unique visitors daily from all over the world. Eighty seven percent of my visitors come from the United States.

I am anxious to hear your comments. I think that my idea will help all of us including our favorite ChefTalk.com .

Best regards,

The Olive Tree World
273 Elm Street
Noank, CT 06340
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What a great gift for all of us.
It's like free advertizing :)
I think I would enjoy getting that oppurtunity.
I will be in touch.


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Where is my message? I put in an answer here yesterday and it's gone. Oh well. I just wanted to say it sounds like a good idea. One can never have too much PR or cookbooks.... :)
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Dear CapeChef and Iza:

Thank you for your positive response to my offer.

I am looking forward to receiving your text and photos in order to start creating that special presentation on my site. You can e-mail me the material at [email protected] or you can send it by Snail Mail to my address that is listed in my original message above.

Thank you once again. I am looking forward to hearing from others as well.

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