A passion for the gastronomy

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Let me introduce me as a french person who has a great passion for the gastronomy.
In my childhood I lived in the islanf of Madagascar,my father being the manager of a sugar cane factory.
at this moment I began to be interessted by the delicious cooking my mather prepared.
I had my first gustative emotions with a french pithiviers cake with almonds.
I also enjoyed to taste wines.
As I returned to France I worked during many years in insurance companies as a lawyer.
But this passion of the gastronomy never left me and I decided in 1996 to work in this world and I opened a gastronomic shop in Paris.
It's a very great pleasure for me to be a member of this forum.http://www.lesdelices.com

Philippe Raynaud
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Welcome aboard! Nice to have some another member from overseas. What does your shop specialize in?
Looking forward to your input and insight,
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Bonjour Philippe et bienvenue chez nous!

What a lovely store you have. Good luck!
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Bienvenue, Phillipe. We're glad you found us. I see that your shop is off Avenue des Gobelins, near the Universite du Paris. We didn't get to visit your neighborhood, but did stay not too far away near L'Odeon. I'm sure I'd be interested in visiting your shop when I get to go to Paris again someday.

Vous faire à l'aise! (I dearly hope I got that right... :confused: )
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I thank you.
It"s effectively close to Avenue des Gobelins and near the station tube censier Daubenton.

Philippe Raynaud
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