A newbie needs advices on choosing a good wok

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Hi everyone!

I'm new here and want to ask for a help/advice. My mother bought an induction cooktop (and now I think it was a mistake!). Since she loves to cook and her birthday is in September, I've decided to get her a good new wok. The problem is that I'm totally suck at this and don't know what to buy. For example I found this buying guide for woks, already ordered Tefal Jumbo Wok but then my girlfriend told me that it won't work with an induction. So I had to cancel my order. Now I have less time and need to find something good. I already found two articles (this and this) about induction woks but now I'm totally lost because I don't know what to choose better: carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, small, big, cheap, expensive (mindblowing!)o_O

Could you please suggest me any good woks. Or maybe you will have some other ideas for a present? I will be glad to see your ideas!

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Not sure about your range, but my Fulgor induction doesn't like super high temps for long periods.
A quick sear with a cast iron pan - fine, but more than a few minutes it powers down because of the surface temperature.
Would also recommend use a teflon/fiberglass sheet when using cast iron on the glass top, I use one for the slider grill.
Might try a separate butane stove for a wok?
Ended up buying a Cadco LKR-220 for serious deep frying
installed a dual voltage outlet in the kitchen for the said hot plate & other 220/240V single phase commercial units
PS: you can purchase NEMA 6-15P to 6-15/20R adapters for other 220/240V plug configurations
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