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    I hope to have a new grill for the ’12 grilling season.(I live in Wisconsin and rarely grill in cold weather.) Lugging charcoal is physically a problem for me, so I’m sticking with gas unless you can convince me otherwise. I want to be able to grill larger cuts of meat and poultry as well as items for just the two of us. Are there any specifications I should insist on for my grill? The biggest problem with my current old model is that I can’t shut off the heat on one side, as the burners run across the width of the cooking area.

    I understand you're in Milwaukee now. I hope you enjoy the city and environs. I think we've got something good going on here!

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    Hi, Mezzaluna. I will be in Milwaukee next week. Looking forward to doing an event for your local PBS station. Gas grills generally work best for direct grilling--something you are aware of from personal experience. The larger ones are capable of indirect grilling. If you can afford it, I recommend investing in a grill with at least 4 burners in a left-to-right configuration. When indirect grilling, you can preheat your grill, then turn the two center burners off. A good resource for comparing gas grill specs and prices is www.grillsearch.com. Hope to see you in Milwaukee!