A long overdue introduction!

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by scotts, Nov 18, 2011.

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    Hello all!

    I am not to sure that I introduced myself yet, but my name is Scott, and I am a professional chef. Have been for 20 years.

    I run a Austrian restaurant in Radium BC called the Old Salzburg Restaurant.

    I have been becoming increasingly disillusioned with the biz for awhile now, so I am looking in forums to try to find a spark of what I used to love about the business.

    Hit me up with a reply if you would like more.

    Ciao All!
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    Thanks for introducing yourself, Scott. You're come to the right place- the best place, we think- to connect with others in your profession, those who've left for other pursuits and others who are considering a life in the culinary world. Our archives and past discussions go back over 10 years; I'm sure you'll be able to glean some good ideas and some surprising ones, too.

    Good luck in your exploration! We hope to see you here often to share, learn and enjoy the community.


  3. paul alfred

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    Welcome Scott!  I am fairly new here, and comparatively new to the culinary world, but I know why I am pursuing a career as a chef and maybe it will help...

    I love seeing the satisfied smile on a patrons face as they leave after a great meal.  They don't always say thank you (although some do) but I'm not looking for people to come up and thank me in person.  I'm just as happy to see people leave satisfied that they had a great meal, and an enjoyable time while eating it.

    Also, I enjoy creating things and cooking allows me to "build" things with easily viewable results. I love seeing a meal I've just plated, ready to be served...I find it quite satisfying, almost like art...but tastier.