A little something different - Scrumptious Monitor Lizard Tail..Outback style

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    **I've submitted this to other sites as well**

    Monitor Tail avec Sauce à persil
    * Skin tail and cut into small pieces.

    * Place in a saucepan, and just cover with water.

    * Cook till tender. Make parsley sauce as follows:-Boil one pint of water, throw into it one tablespoon finely minced parsley and half a teaspoonful of salt.

    * Then add two ounces flour, mixed to smooth paste in a gill of water.

    * Stir over fire until it thickens.

    * Break into it one or two ounces of butter.

    * Put cooked tail into this, and serve hot.

    Please make sure you don't use anything but the tail.  This is a highly toxic critter.