A little self definition please!

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Hey ChefTalk

My name is Mike and I've only just joined ChefTalk. Having a browse through the forums I noticed a lot of hassle regarding professional and non-professional chef classification.

I would consider myself a professional chef, although I've never attended culinary school. I have a series of qualifications regarding culinary practice etc. I have however worked in kitchens for many years, across cuisine types and catering areas, and now I have just been given my own kitchen in a hotel.

It's nothing fancy, 50 covers front of house, and a medium equipped kitchen, but I feel I have earned it as well as the responsibility of managing a small number of staff.

I'm only 22 and was wondering if there are any tips or bits of advice that anyone could give me.

Thanks for your time

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Hi Mike, and welcome to Chef Talk.

As you might expect, where there are chefs there'll be a discussion, now and then, about what the definition of a chef is. We're no different here, but one thing you'll find here that you don't find in a lot of online forums is respect. Come here with a desire to share, learn and enjoy, and you'll feel at home.

As for the tips, I suggest that you browse in the professional forums (including making use of the search tool to check out earlier discussions). Post your question and watch the discussion begin. Good luck with your advancement in your career.

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I know I'm just a newbie when it comes to cooking, but I have to say congrats for earning your first kitchen. I hope it goes well and you're successful in the venture!

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