A little owner/operator emotion

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So I've taken over my kitchen (yeah, it's only a small coffeehouse with a present focus on panini, wraps and a few baked goods) and i'm getting this nervous/excited/wide-eyed feeling. 

I'm nervous because I have to make this kitchen profitable and still manage my coffee related issues.  One of which is paying someone else to do my job at the coffee bar while I'm in the kitchen. 

I'm excited since my construction will be done in 1-2 days and real dough work will begin immediately.  Through interlibrary loan I received some good books today- Cooking by Peterson, BBA by Reinhart, and Culinary Artistry by Dornenburg and Page.  Even though there will be a lot of trial and error cooking/baking and lots of time in the books, I look forward to what can be accomplished- creating a real baked goods menu and enhancing our lunch. 

I'm kinda wide-eyed too.  That's because I roast and blend awesome espresso - I'm supposed to be wide-eyed.  What I really mean is that there is a sense of "if this works, if this works...."  I will be giddy.  I will be I dunno.  This business has been such an endevour and I've gotten my third (or maybe fourth) wind.  It's time to let it pay me back for all the blood, sweat and fears. (that's no typo).

I'm tired of thinking now, but I must say:

Thank you all that have given me pieces so far.  I really hope to incorporate your helps into my little world.

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Oh,  hun, I totally know where you are right now.  All I can say is: 


B. Don't prep too much, but be ready to fast prep if needed. 

C.  ASK!!  Casually question your customers, or have your register folk do it.  What do they like, what would they like?

D.  Be ready to lean on your laurels.  Trust that those who like what you offer will be patient enough to wait for what you have to offer... and that off-the-streeters will be impressed. Don't be in such a hurry to offer what you think they might like that you sacrafice quality.
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     Hi John,

   What an exciting time!  I can see the range of emotions you must be running through when you move into a new venture.  You certainly seem passionate about your coffee...and the food you'll be introducing.  I think you'll be fine...Just take it a step at a time.

   Where do you live?  So many of the members here don't have their location filled in it can leave alot of guess work when reading their posts.  Too many things can relate to your region to leave it completely blank.  Or in this case...we may want to stop in for a cup of coffee and a sandwich /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif

     Best of luck!
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