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Hi, so I'm 18 and looking at culinary schools. I have seriously been looking since I was 14 and it's just really hard to know what's going to be a good school. I work full time at an organic juice bar, I juice things and make people sandwiches but otherwise, I've never really worked in a full kitchen before. I'm saving up for a year before going to culinary school. I was thinking about  FCI because my brother already lives in new york. What are your thoughts?

I'm pretty much the manager at this store so I'm hesitant on quiting to go find a job as a line cook, but I may have to, so I know what I'm dealing with. I've just had such a passion for cooking ever since I was little. 
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Do yourself a favor and get a line cook job for a couple of years, learn all you can then decide if this is what you really want to spend 30-40 grand on. The return in the investment is rather low.

If you go to culinary school straight out of high school with no kitchen experience, you will be lost.

Search on here, there are plenty of threads on what you are looking to do.

Here's a good thread to start

Good luck!
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I Agree with ChefBuba, get a few years working a front line now, show your passion and learn what this business is about first hand. You may even have a Chef take you under his wing and show you the ropes. You will do much better in school with a few good hard working years under your belt. You will be many steps ahead of the class by waiting and working this business before you go. ...................The best..................ChefBillyB
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I suggest that you work in the industry for a few years, save your money, and search for a community college program which suits your needs.


Shaw's Guide to Culinary Schools [and Community Colleges]

ACF Post-Secondary Programs

Another option is to become an ACF Apprentice.

Here are some articles that might be of interest to prospective culinary students:

How to Evaluate a Culinary Arts Program

Do Culinary Schools Actually Get Chefs Jobs?

Regulators Light A Fire Under Culinary Schools

The World Culinary Institute has many resources.

So You Wanna Be a Chef by Anthony Bourdain

Good luck. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/chef.gif
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