A little knife selection help.....

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Hi all, been reading around here trying to figure out the best knife for me to pick up. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I have a variety of knives but broke the tip off of my 10 inch tojro dp the other day after about 3 years of pretty hard use. Ive ground . Down a it's back in service but it may be time to retire it.

For sharpening I use an edge pro once a week for pretty much everything aside from touch ups.

I tend to prefer European style knives but am by no means set on this. My hands are fairly large so most of what i've been finding in town seems to be to short or uncomfortable from a handle perspective. I will admit to certainly not mastering the pinch grip....

Food wise this is my main all purpose knife, so veg, meats, breaking down animals you name it really.

Cost isn't the end of the world. I'd prefer not to go over $400 but it is my main go to knife so don't hesitate to just recoment what you think is best. Also not worried about I going missing in the kitchen, we're going 4 person team and everyone else good stuff that they care about but at the same time beat the hell out of if that makes sense.

Last point, function over looks for sure. While it would be nice to have a nice looking knife this thing will get used fairly hard. Oh and i'm in Canada if that matters availability wise.

Thanks for any advice! It really is appreciated.
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There are so many knives out there.  Tell us specifics about what you want.

Another stainless or jump to carbon?

Thicker? Thinner?

Have you considered japanese handles?

Breaking down animals is pretty tough on knives.  On the harder steel J Knives it is probably a task that would chip.  I have seperate boning knives and cleavers reserved for butchery so that allows me to use a thinner harder steel knife for my "all purpose" chefs knife.
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Thanks for the response! It's kind of hard to explain the use past all purpose I guess. I have to cleaver and both a stiff and flex boning knife fo animals, slicing knife etc. This would be the main knife for prep, say chopping onions etc but also would be grabbed during service and used for everything kind of idea. I hope this makes some kind of sense. The last one that served this purpose was an 8 inch chefs (tojiro dp).

I would be interested in thinner if it's still somewhat durable.

Thank you again
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I use a chinese cleaver for everything that doesn't have bones.  The flat spot on a cleaver is as good as the flat spot on a 270mm chefs.  I think it is a prep beast and not having a tip makes it compact for line knife use.  The knuckle clearance really is incredible, if you cut yourself with this thing, you deserved it.  I am probably 50% faster with a chinese cleaver than a chefs at prep.  It's not for everybody, and you have to learn to use it, but I don't miss a chefs knife at all.  If I need to do butchery or fish I have specific knives for them.  

Take a chance on the Suien VC $160 at JCK.  It might change your life  http://www.japanesechefsknife.com/ChineseCleaver.html  Virgin carbon steel is very reactive until you get a patina on it, then it is manageable.

That's my plug on cleavers...  on to the more normal stainless chefs knife options:


Tanaka G3 steel, not too thick or thin,  upgrade over stock handle,  stainless 


Semi-stainless steel clad in stainless.  Awesome cutter, very good for the price.  This is no nonsense pure cutting performance

Gesshin uraku stainless is worth a look too.  https://www.japaneseknifeimports.com/products/gesshin-uraku-240mm-stainless-wa-gyuto

IMO you don't need a $400 knife.  Most of the knives I mentioned are $150-200.   If you got the carbon versions, even cheaper.  Use them properly, maintain them well.  You don't need to baby them but don't abuse them either.
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With the Chinese cleaver route I'm thinking the handle grip it seems like you use will likely be a no-go. Different grip very much recommended.

The Tanaka Ginsan knives from knivesandstones are unfortunately sold out most of the time... :(

Yoshihiro ginsan might be one to consider as well
http://www.echefknife.com/knife-ste...-y-kek-hek-kek-vek-kek-k-yk-kek-v-e-k-v-.html no clue why the URL is so weird...

Price is higher than I thought, but there's Masakage Hikari and Haruyuki (Akifusa) SRS15, both sold by knifewear (Canadian retailer) for other stainless options.
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Thanks for taking the time to point me in the right direction! I'll let you know which one I grab. Appreciate it!

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