A little explanation about the STARS.....


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Seems that everyone is seeing stars with our new star rating system in the Cafe. Sorry for not explaining this better, but I was in the middle of getting married and then I went away on honeymoon for two weeks and unfortunately I left some things un-attended. Here is a break down of how the star rating system works.

Basically the stars go hand in hand with your Cafe title. I will post another thread to explain the titles very shortly. So here are the ratings of the stars.
  • Dishwasher - 1 grey star
  • Prep Cook - 2 grey stars
  • Cook - 3 grey stars
  • Head Cook - 1 gold star 2 grey stars
  • Sous Chef - 2 gold stars 1 grey star
  • Chef - 3 gold stars
  • Cafe Moderators - 5 gold stars
  • Cafe Administrators - 5 grey stars
  • Executive Chef - 4 gold stars
Hope that clears things up a little.


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Thanks Nicko! Always wondered about that!
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