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Well, let's see?! Although this will make me sound old, I have been cake decorating since I was 8 years old. So that is a whopping 25 years! (Yikes!) Learned from my Mom who took lessons when she was pregnant for me (I think that means it is literally "in my blood"!) We owned a bakery for many years, sold it in '94. At the time I was the head baker for a great pastry shop/deli and I was managing the family business. Moved to Cali and worked as head cake decorator at a restaurant with an in house bakery. Got tired of the commute and became head decorator at a full service bakery. Thanks to the family bakery, I also learned to do donuts, bread, etc., etc., etc! Done it all! And am glad to leave the donut grease behind!:p
For the first time, I am getting to do the stay at home Mom thing with my 3 year old (I get 18 months for this, already been a year). But I have my own business...doing dessert trays, chocolates and cakes. Oh yes, also did the chocolate thing at the family business. I currently have 12 1/2 dozen Easter cookies awaiting me and it is only week 1 of the Easter ordering...Could be a long one! Hard adjustment from a big work space to what I have now...but being with my son and working for myself is a great break. So there you have, it the longest-short life story you have probably ever read. LOL!
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Wow mom2ian great to have you here.....I just started a bakery and have a 9,7 and 3 year old at home. It is alot of work and I like being my own boss for the first time. It will be great to have another sounding board here for my business and maybe we can exchange ideas
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