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Hello, My fellow Students, and other peers who may be reading. I'm new to the Cheftalk community, and Just wanted to give a brief (I Hope) Synopsis of whats going on in my culinary adventures

I begin Culinary school on Monday, I'm shaking with Excitement! but also nervousness. I have very few skills in a commercial kitchen coupled by a few short months experience in a working in a commercial bakery. In those short months I discovered something.

all my childhood ambition about working with food was true. I loved it. The long hours, the unreasonable work pace baking for thanksgiving. albeit daunting, was oddly fun.

Is there any advice you more experienced members could give to an inexperienced cook? What can i expect in school? How do I advance in the culinary field? I hear the money is slow as first is that true?

I've been working a dead end job for two years now. I'm ready to put my drive energy and ambition toward something. "Taking the plunge" if you will. I have a fiancee and a younger child and I am 21 years old entering the industry I'm not looking to do this for a little while, I'm looking to make this a CAREER.

so any advice for a newbie would be greatly appreciated! be it in culinary school, work, life, or even personal experiences. I could really use the help.

Thanks in advance,

The Aspiring Z
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