A Helllo and A Request

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My name is Laura and I'm currenty a senior in High School and, well, I have a project to do and could use some help! See, the assignment is to do a presentation on a particular career, and all the information is taken from an interview conducted with a person of that particular profession. The jobs were handed out and I got a Chef. The problem? I don't know any Chefs, nor do I know anyone who knows anyone who is a Chef. And the truth is, I feel unfortable about the thought of just walking into a restaurant ad saying, "Hey! I can see that you are working hard and all, but can I disturb you while you are on the job and ask you questions about the job which I am not letting you do because I, a complete stranger, am asking all sorts of questions?" Ok, so that was a hyperbole, but you get the picture. Anyway, my thoughts were to just go to a restarurant at 3-4pm or sometime when business is extremely slow, but the truth is, I'm still not sure how keen I am on that (really, bothering people at work is not my idea of a good time). Here's my other option: The interview does not have to be in person, so if anyone feels like helping me out, or just likes to talk about their job and enlighten the ignorant, email me at [email protected] so that I can send you a list of interview questions to complete. This would really be very helpful and I promise the questions are not too burdensome (and if you're creative, it could even be fun!...well, it could). Anyway, I've said a lot but I'm done now. If anyone feels up to the challenge (sounds exciting, eh?), please email me, and to everyone, whether or not you respond, thanks for listening/reading!

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Hi, Laura,

I think that if you called some restaurants first, and made an appointment to interview the chef, it might be better than just walking in. Also, even tho 3-4 pm might look like a slow time in the dining area, in the kitchen it's the time when everyone's getting into high gear to prepare the dinner for the evening! If you could shave the hour to around 2-3, the timing might be better.

I'd also try to get interviews with several 'types' of chef; maybe one from a 'high-end' restaurant, a family restaurant, a chain, a caterer, a chef working at a country club or hotel; you'll get different viewpoints from each one.

Good Luck!!!
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