A Grill Song

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(To the tune of Let it Snow)

Oh the restaurant is finally closing
And my body feels like dozing
But before I can really go
I hear the words
Clean the grill, clean the grill.

If I clean it right the first time
I can go on and clean up my line
But my arms are still scrubbing still
Every night I must clean the grill!

Oh my back is all sore from standing
And my bed is where I want to be landing
But a voice calls out from beyond
Clean the grill, clean the grill,



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We always used to do the following cheer:

Mirepoix, Mirepoix
Roux, Roux, Roux!!!

Chop it up
Dice it up
Throw it in the stew!

Not as good as the Grill song I must say.
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Forget about the eyes, Jeni; I think Shimmer has been breathing the fumes a bit too much! :D
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Oh I'm cleaning up the grill today
in the very merry month of May

With the little bits of meat
that are way to black to eat

And the fat that has coagulated there....

Scum scum the hearth has scum
scrubing with the brillo left and right
scrub scrub the grate to and fro
the suds keep it clean through the night

sung to "the Merry Month of May"
a few days shy, but also a few cards short of a full deck.
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