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Some of you may recall back when I was promoted to Chef/Kitchen Manager (position formerly titled Executive Chef).
Recently my F&B Manager was let go.
I applied for the position but knew I wasn't the most qualified as all of my experience is BoH.
As I figured they offered the position to someone else, who should be coming on board next month.
But, the company does value me, and wants me to hold that position in the future, and the new F&B actually wants a higher position, which they are creating for him next summer (Director of Hospitality).
So, I will be training with the new F&B with the plan of taking the position next summer.
Meanwhile, I need to train my successor.
I have brought back one of my old Sous Chef's for the position of Executive Chef.
He had transferred to table games because he couldn't handle working for the old F&B.
I didn't blame him a bit, it has been the most unpleasant 3 years of my life.
Anyhow, with him holding the above title, my title of Chef/Kitchen Manager doesn't sound right. It sounds like I'm working for him.
In speaking with the CFO about all of these changes he said I could retitle my position any way I choose, but I couldn't choose the title "CFO". :roll:
I'm thinking that dropping the word Chef would suffice, but would appreciate everyone's input as to whether there is a more appropriate title for someone who is above the Executive Chef.
Thank you, I know this was a bit long-winded.
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He was a former Sous, being brought on board as Executive Chef, hence my dilemma.
Sorry if I wasn't clear.
Chef d Cuisine and Executive Chef are interchangeable to my knowledge, so neither are appropriate for me and would add to the confusion.
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Bring him back as sous, then when you vacate the chef/kitchen mgr position, he can take that. Alternatively, you take the exec title for now and give him your current title.

This is my take on American kitchen heirarchy, FWIW:

Executive Chef
Chef de Cuisine/Executive Sous Chef (these are the interchangeable ones for me)
Sous Chef
line cook
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choose a title that begins with Director; Director of Chefs, Director of Kitchen Services, Director of Culinary Arts, etc....I personally like Executive Chef and would name the new guy Deputy Executive Chef until such time as all changes are confirmed.
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Thank you all for the input.
I'm already committed to his title of Executive Chef.
I don't think director will fly as we currently have no directors, and the incoming F&B Manager will become our first when he is promoted next year.
Along the lines of another suggestion, what do you think of Deputy Food & Beverage Manager?
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Make him Executive Sous Chef and keep your Exec. Chef title until the switch is ready to swing full gear?

Also, here in Chicago, many fine dining restaurants have a "Chef de Cuisine" whose title does not equate with the Executive Chef but more of a high-level sous chef. Take this lineout of the famous Alinea. Alinea Biographies - Staff . There are 2-3 Sous Chefs, 1 Chef de Cuisine, and 1 Head Chef.
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I do appreciate all of the input.
I am committed to the title of Executive Chef for him.
I will have a new F&B coming in next month.
I don't know how easy it is (looking kind of difficult based on responses) but I'm looking for a title that will fit neatly in between those two titles.
Director, at least in this company, would be a higher position than manager, and is not an option.
I am leaning towards just dropping the Chef from my current title.

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