a good chef is also a great art !

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Awesome job, I'd probably stare at it in admiration, let it get cold and then I wouldn't want it because I don't like cold dishes lol. 
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probably bitter melon for the tree bark. carrot for the sun, the monitor I'm on now doesn't have enough resolution to see the leaves, but I'll look at it at home tonight.
Cheftalk isn't really a food porn page, but it's nice to see occasionally.

Of course many of us have had dragon and phoenix made out of shrimp/lobster and chicken. The last time I had it was in the days before good cell phone cameras so I don't have a recent pic.

If you get a chance check out the food plates by international artist red hong yi. She used to have pics of the beto lunches she used to make for her boyfriend, but those have disappeared. Theres also a great picture of Jamie oliver made completely out of veggies.


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Sure, zucchini is the trunk of the tree and it looks like Chinese rice noodles; chow fun in particular, and a carrot for the sun.
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not chow fun as leaves.
Possibly boiled gourd can't tell and I'm viewing on a 24 inch monitor now.
Not zucchini, look at the crenellations on the skin. It's 3dimensional and it is monohue, not flecked yellow or white.

look at the wiki article on Momordica charantia and you'll see the same texture. I may be wrong, but it certainly isn't zucchini. And if a chef served me zucchini and chow fun on the same plate, I'd have to wonder about him. The "leaves" and different shapes, not evenly cut as even handmade chow fun is and the leaves have ribs or gill like structures.
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Well I'm looking on a small cell phone screen and from I can see, it definitely looks cucumber for the bark.I think we have all agreed that carrot is the sun. And as for the leaves, it looks like folded potato slices, that are deep fried.

Now, I am only in culinary school...so I may be completely off.

It is so beautiful. I would definitely have a hard time eating it. I one day hope to plate as beautifully as you have done. Right now I believe my platting has issues, I seem to always stick to the same relative pattern, doing a triangle.

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