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My name is Adam, I am a student at Blue Ridge High School. I'm currently doing a career project in English, and I need a few questions answered. I'm hoping to one day be an Executive Chef. So for the chefs... How many years of schooling did you go through? Is it stressful? Do you work a lot of hours? Do you enjoy it? What do you get paid? What is the average sum of money made?
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Hello, Adam, and welcome to Chef Talk! :cool:

We have many students here- all ages, all levels of advancement in the culinary world. I suggest you to check out the Culinary students' forum and browse some of the older posts. Several people have asked this question- and other questions that you might profit from- in that forum.

We hope you will enjoy browsing all of the forums. There is something for everyone! Browse and post in the forum that best describes what you are looking for. Select the option to see older posts, or use the very good search function for the site to look for particular topics you are interested in.

We're all still learning here!
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