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hi people, im new here and im a culinary student. i joined with hopes that i could meet new friends here that are in the field of cooking and baking, professional or someone who just enjoys cooking and making it a hobby. so since im a culinary student, one thing im eager of asking is, which book can u recommend to me that is a book complete with all in one culinary and pastry? some people said Geskin's book or Le Cordon Book..but im really confused... pls help. thank U. :D 
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Hello Mariaclara, and welcome to Chef Talk. Since you're a culinary student, I'll recommend you try our Culinary Students' forum. There you'll find others who are training for culinary and pastry. Some may have the books you seek. Have your instructors recommended some books?

I hope you explore the entire site; we have more than only the discussion forums! We have cooking articles, wikis, photo galleries and more. Our members are excellent resources too, as they are all over the world, all ages, and with cooking knowledge from zero to many years' professional experience.

If you have any questions about the site, please ask. We hope you enjoy being part of this community.


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Welcome Mariaclara,

I am new here as well. I figured the best way to make new friends was to get posting. This site is full of friendly, informative people. I think it is wonderful that you are in Culinary school.  What school are you going to?  Hmmm about books... well, I recommend the two text books by the CIA; The Professional Chef, and Baking and Pastry. Right now you can pick them up for a really good price on Amazon.  What are your current text books? 

Good luck in school. I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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