A cooking spoon for an esthete !

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    Hi everybody,

         I like to collect very fine cooking equipment . for an example  I have a Bourgeat oval pan and sauce pan ( a little too heavy in my opinion )  and some other things, I like to use that are of similar stature . 

    now I am looking for the rite COOKING SPOON . where should I look for the most beautiful, and nice to use, best designed spoon to adorn my kitchen, and cooking life style. I would like a very well respected article by chefs , not some fussy decoration that just looks good hanging around .  

    I am most attracted to simplicity and often old things or old designs that are still in production interest me.

    I would buy used if I liked it . where to look . do people on this forum sell there used gems ? do they still make the best out there ?

    Thank you 

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    Pepin had a spoon where you stir with the spoon end, then can run the sauce down a gutter in the handle of the spoon to the handle end for tasting. The trip along the gutter cools the liquid so you don't burn yourself and you're not putting the mouth end back in the pot.

    His was sort of like this, but metal,