A complicated situation containing a contract and a goal.

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Thanks for stopping by this terrible post of mine. Why you clicked it I have no idea, but since you're here you might as well lose a few minutes of your life and read this right? First off I'm currently in the military down in South Carolina currently on my fourth year of a six year contract. I have no real experience other than helping the family cook or cooking for myself. I am however, willing to get my hands dirty, be called names, told I am a terrible human being for screwing something simple up, work long hours, anything masochistic really. So what I'm looking for is any advice on how I should approach trying to become a chef while working a 3pm-11pm shift 5 days a week. Is it possible?

TL;DR Currently in the military working 8 hour shifts 5 days a week. No culinary experience outside the home kitchen. Looking to get started in the cooking industry. Any ideas?

Thanks for your time

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Make friends with the Sgt in the kitchen at the O club and start hanging out there?
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All the Armed Forces have culinary programs. I know the Army has a great competing Culinary team.

The American Culinary Federation is heavily involved in Certified Chefs programs.

At the last annual food competition (which is big time) The Armed Forces took maybe 300 gold medals and at least

200 silver and 200 bronze.

Everyone I met there From all branches were CEC, CEPC. etc.

Hay, it's a pretty cush job cooking for the Chiefs of Staff and in the White House. Check it out.

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