A Challenge!

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So here is a challenge for you creative cooks lurking these forums.

What you see before you is a list of ingredients I have selected which you HAVE to use inorder to create your special gourmet meal.

You have:
2 Squabs (pigeons)
Fresh foie gras
Bacon slices
Grean peas
Fava beans
Baby carrots
Baby turnips
Summer Savory

Along with these ingredients you can use any other herbs and spices, aromatic garnishes (carrots, celery, onions), alcohol, and dairy products.

Get your brains ticking. I'd love to see what you guys will come up with, with these rather ingredients.
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Guacamole, I can just picture you giggling away as u typed that...Good try


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Got it.

Roasted squab with foie gras and bacon, Green Pea and fava bean melange with root vegetables and potatoes roasted in the same pan.

Yeah. That's it! ;)
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That, or root vegetable+squab milkshake sprinkled with bacon powder and crispy fava bean papadams, sous-vide potatoes au gratin with green pea foam.
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melange, gotta love the veg melange......:smokin

searred foie, best with acidic fruit.....
or foie mousse, use the butter/cream/shallots/cognac

Roasted Squab, veg melange....white wine, butter, thyme

interesting list....it's so little.....
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Bone the squab.
Stuff the foie in the squab so it feels somewhat at home. (a secure foie is a tasty foie).
Blanch the bacon, cut into thin strips.
Blanch peas.
Wrap peas with bacon, set aside.
Thread fava beans onto a string to create a memorable necklace for the diner, no one wants to peel those things.
Boil carrots, turnips and potatoes, puree, keep warm.

For service:
Cook squab in 375 degree oven until done, about 25 minutes.
Put wrapped peas on sheet pan, roast in oven until bacon is crisp.
Pipe vegetable puree around perimeter of plate.
Place squab on half the plate, arrange peas on the other half.
Garnish with savory.
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