A business concept... Work or not?

Discussion in 'Professional Pastry Chefs' started by toshibaaa, Dec 3, 2013.

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    I was thinking of a business concept of doing like plated desserts you see in restaurant with sauces, garnishes or multiple components on a plate transfer to a clamshell style packaging and sell it like a bakery where customers can pick it, leave and eat it elsewhere.

    Bakeries are usually sell one thing like a slice of cake, a cupcake, a cookie and that it.... I thought of adding other components make it interesting and have a better eating experiences by eating different components together like restaurant desserts

    Would that work?
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    Could it work? Possible...

    I think it could work , now if you will earn extra money doing this is a whole different situation. Remembering packing , boxing , labeling costs money , along with the fact that it just may be too complicated for the consumer. 

    Wouldnt it be just a hell of alot easier eating a dessert at a restaurant or cafe , or buying a pre-cut slice of cake or a quart of icecream to enjoy at home , it would probably cost cheaper <_<. 

    Also the problem i have with packaged anything is that it doesnt guarantee quality , aka you buy it and once you get home either is can be very crappy , or the packing was very poor , and everything mixed together on the way home. 

    Like i said ... Can it work? Possibly...

    Can you make money off of it? Maybe

    Nothing is certain , and me being picky i wouldnt buy a packaged dessert the way you described , unless their is quality guaranteed , the packaging is very good , and it wont cost more then a regular dessert at a restaurant. That and it would have to taste better then 2 scoops of icecream at midnight <_<. 
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    Don't see why it wouldn't work...

    What do businesses who would sell your stuff want?

    -Minimum of 40% mark-up

    -At least a 3 day shelf life, better yet a week

    -Easy to sell

    -Brand recognition (ie Toshibaa's big-azz hunk o'chocolate cake)

    If it were me, I'd shy away from the independent bakeries.  Why?  Because your product is going in a refrigerated showcase--the most expensive real-estate in the store, and bakers hate the competition, they'd rather sell their own cakes with a higher mark-up than your stuff.

    Instead, I 'd focus supermarkets with a full hot and cold deli, (usually union shops that can't or won't portion out desserts or mess about with garnishes) pizza places that do a most of their sales with take-out, and ethnic restaurants that do most of the business with take-out. (again, places with no desire or means to make their own plated, portioned desserts)  For them it's a easy sell, with very little wastage.

    Start talking to some businesses in your area and see what they'd pay for a portioned dessert, and what they feel comfortable charging for it.