A blustery wind

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It became apparent to me a few days ago as I was wearing a t-shirt in temperatures in the lower 40s, that winter is coming. It must be fall, since it's past the 21st!

I want to know what your family traditions are for the fall. Not just specifically on holidays, but do you do anything special? It could be family outings, specific recipes you use or associate with this time of year, or whatever.

I like learing about traditions so I can start making my own!

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Great topic!

Apple picking and a hay ride is always a joy during the fall; then figuring out what to do with the apples is the icing on the cake!;

Shopping for the biggest pumpkin you can find and carving it for Halloween.


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Family traditions, well for starters, one that's sort of new, is going on bus trips to Kelowna to cheer on our Kamloops Blazers, not really a food tradition, but it is a fall tradition. Kimmie one thing a person can do with left over apples, is play apple ball, exactly the same rules as baseball, only using apples.

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Me, I like to kick back during the first week of October. Every year during the first week of October I get hemorrhoids - a sure sign that the sun is headed south for the winter. :eek:
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We used to pick apples and also go to country farmers' markets for branches of bittersweet, gourds, pumpkins and Indian corn. We'd drive north along the Mississippi River, sometimes as far north as the Mississippi Palisades State Park to see the sandstone cliffs and formations along the river, across from Clinton, Iowa.
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We've had our first cool spell here in Louisiana. The low temperature got down to the upper 40s. This is the beginning of what we call "Gumbo Weather."

Personnaly, this is the time of year I like to roast (parch?) peanuts.

... from the Bayou
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Kokopuffs, you're too much :) Maybe you should do a name change. Fruity Pebbles??? LOL! October is the neatest time. That's when I used to give the girls at the sorority house a haunted house in the basement, complete with the chain saw guys and fog machine. So what if the fire department came three times:0. No more fog machine :) I love to cook Fall things and decorate the outside of the house for halloween. I especially like to bake pumpkin bread and cranberry bread. Our new vendor is a chef and gave me a recipe for a beautiful Fall soup, using two different squashes and apples and cinnamon. I guess you all heard about the tornado that tore through College Park on monday. I was looking right at it, too terrified to move. I mean I just froze, and it was an F4. It was my first experience with a tornado and has always been my worst fear. I've had many nightmares about them. I couldn't believe how LOUD it was, or the feeling that it was pulling everything towards it, even though it was a half mile away from me. I went into shock. When I got home, I cried for hours. The girls had seen the seek cover immediately message on tv and grabbed their plates of food and fled to the basement. They never miss a bite :) Nobody knew I was outside waiting for a taxi. There were several car accidents up on the highway close to the tornado. If my taxi hadn't come late it could have been me. Two college girls who were sisters were killed. Several hundred students are displaced, but we're all sharing space and caring for them. THIS is one Fall I'll never forget :(


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Heard of people who predict weather changes according to the pain in their joins. Never knew you could do it with hemorrhoids... :D

There has to be apples and pies and cinnamon. Applesauce too, thirty pounds of apples gone in one afternoon.

Tomatoes. Lots of them, 60 pounds or so, and sauce. Lots of sauce, enough to last until next spring. What a job, is it worth it? You bet.

Leeks cleaned, cooked and frozen. For soup and quiche.

Fruit ketchup. Not too much, a few jars.

Starting to feel like a squirrel saving up for the cold months.

Then there are leaves to rake, lots of them. Rainy and cold Sunday afternoon. Perfect cooking weather. Everyone’s in the kitchen working together, sharing stories and recipes.

So much food so little time.
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Fall traditions
Clean up the yard,tidy up yhe gardens etc
Still wearing shorts when I am not working,and I will try to until I can't bear it any more.Started wearing a jacket while working outside.No long sleeved shirts yet.One must have the right to bear arms. :p
Did not need to know about the hems Koko, but got a laugh out of it. :eek:
Canadians have Thanksgiving in October so that will be the next main event :D :D :D
All for now ;) ;) ;)

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That's a seasonal change as opposed to weather change.

I know what you mean about the weather disaster in Maryland. On Guam in '62 a typhoon with winds up to 230 knots leveled the entire island. Terrible destruction everywhere. We didn't have school for two weeks! :eek:
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Wow, Kokopuffs. That IS scary. Nothing brings out humility in people more than a natural disaster. I'll never look at black clouds the same again. My brat dolls only got one day out of school after the tornado, but they will be cleaning up for quite a while.


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It's an old recipe my mother has, might have been from my great grand mother but I'm not sure. It's a ketchup made with tomatoes, peaches and pears and some spices I think. Every year my mother and I make a batch together. It's delicious on just about everything.


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Crisp fall days and chilly fall nights... around here we call that "Good sleeping weather." Which is a wonderful way to celebrate; pull out the down comforter and get snuggly.

This time of year I get the urge to 'rit up'the house for winter, spin (wool, not my head), and knit. Cozy, warm fall things.

Hmmmm - I think I hear my comforter calling...
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I'm with you CJ. Down comfortor has been out for about 2 weeks now --- but we are having Indian Summer out here in the wild west and it is tooooo warm again.

Used to enjoy playing in the leaves with my dog. Leaves are meant to be piled up then kicked all over the yard.
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