a big thank you!

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off for a weekend in the woods with 2 big beautiful bone in pork chops....will definately be taking your advice on cooking(i do have a plan b though, just in case!)...don't have apple juice so will spritz with mango nectar..... i also wanted to thank you for your time here and hope your weekend is a celebratory one....i must tell you that i adore 'miami spice' and since i am a traveling chef part of the year,it is always in my duffel bag...always.....cheers!

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I agree that it is great for Steve to comment on so many questions this holiday weekend. 

I grilled some big bone in pork chops week over charcoal with mesquite wood chunks after allowing the chops to marinate with a wet jerk rub for 45 minutes.  Yumm!
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I'd like to join in on this "Thank you" thread and add my gratitude.  Between this opportunity and the Steven Raichlen marathon on the Create network last night I'm gung-ho for grilling this weekend.  It is a very refreshing change from my norm of nearly exclusively indoor cooking.  Last night we cooked and even ate outdoors.  My eyes have been opened; My eyes have seent he glory of the grill!

THANKS Chef Raichlen!
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Though I've not posted questions, I also wish to thank Steven Raichlen for taking the time to share his knowledge and expand my understanding of grilling, smoking, and B-B-Q.
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We're grateful you could spend time with our community! There's a lot here for a BBQ neophyte like me benefit from.

Thanks again!

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Well thank you, Chef! It's been my pleasure. Am mightily impressed with this forum and with the thoughtful questions and comments sent my way these past few days. I've gotten some new ideas for topics for my online newsletter, "Up in Smoke". A typical issue focuses on a topic of interest to most barbecuers and grillers--brisket, ribs, how to concoct your own sauces and rubs, etc.

You can sign up or find archieved issues at www.barbecuebible.com.
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   I hope you enjoyed your visit here at ChefTalk. Thank you for your patience and professional exchanges.

If you're ever in Dallas, Texas. there will always be a cup of coffee and something sweet waiting for you at

Panini Bakery.

   I have Dove in the freezer and I ordered in a couple of different kinds of casings.  I think the Tequila soaked

peach, jalapeneo  and breast in a casing that shrinks a bit when grilled will be my first try. I'll  keep you posted. 

Thanks again,

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That is very gracious of you, Jeff! It's been a pleasure fielding questions from the great community here on ChefTalk. I'd be very curious to know how your experiment turns out. It's a very clever idea. In fact, I would like to feature you as a guest blogger on my website, www.barbecuebible.com. E-mail my assistant, Nancy, with photos and details at your earliest convenience. ([email protected])

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Steven Raichlen
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