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   If there's ever a day that I can think of to say a prayer for all the people in the world, it's today.  So many people from so many different parts of the world were/are effected by the tragedy that happened on this day in the year 2001.  So many people of the world lost their lives, family members, loved ones and neighbors on that day and in the days that would follow.  Others are living with emotional losses that are truly only known to that person.  

   For those that died on that day and the people that were left behind,

  for those that died and the families left behind in the days after,

 for those who are still having a difficult time finding their way

 and for those who are too young to understand.

  To all the people of the world,  

  (speaking in the words I believe)

   may God bless us all.

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well said Dan

9/11 is a tough day ... I did not know anybody but still felt the pain ... I remember where I was and everything that happened that day ... do you remember?
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I was at home sick, I was probably in grade 11 or 12 at the time but I was down with I think the flu so I kept myself in bed.  My mother calls up sounding frantic with all I can remember or at least made out was "ITS LIKE IN THE MOVIE INDEPENDANCE DAY...WAKE UP AND TURN ON THE NEWS [repeat]".  Groggy, I managed to pull myself out of bed still wrapped in blankets and turned on CNN.  Watched as much as I could as I was falling in and out of conciousness but I do recall 20mins after turning on the TV was when the 2nd plane hit.  I also recall my mother frantically calling up her aunt on Long Island who had trouble getting a hold of 1 of her daughters that worked in tower 2.  Turns out she was OK, there was like no cellphone service during the whole emergency.
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"I remember where I was and everything that happened that day ... do you remember?"

I've lived long enough to have several of those....

Pearl Harbor attacked

Death of Franklin D. Roosevelt

Assassination of JFK

9/11 attacks

The world is a dangerous place.

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I remember the day and the shock and horror of it.  Was late at night here, hubby was zonked out on the couch, then CNN footage and coverage came onto the screen after the first plane hit.  We sat there in disbelief - jaws literaly hanging open.

Even way over here Down Under, I feel for those who have passed, those who were attached to those who passed, and much anger at those that did the deeds.
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I left New York for Florida in 1988. When I lived in New York I lived on West 21st. Street which was about 40-50blocks away.
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I am still deeply saddened that so many innocent lives were lost, and my heart goes out to those who lost them.

It's a shame that we are still chasing the red herring while the real perpetrators sit gloating above us.
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My father and I were in Colorado hunting elk when it happened. We went into town that day for my dad to check his company voicemail (this was before he had a cell phone). He had a voicemail that all company flights had been cancelled. He called his secretary to see why, and she told him the news. I remember him dropping the receiver of the pay phone and just looking at me dumbfounded. For the three or four nights before it happened, we had watched the sky at night to see all the planes overhead. The night of September 11, there were none. Then we saw one solitary plane fly over. We later found out it was a private plane flying blood from the west coast to NYC.
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I was at college.  We didn't have cable but when I logged on to the internet Yahoo's homepage had a picture of the first plane hitting.  I remember thinking it had to be a joke.  The apartment was right on the edge of campus and I remember hearing commotion outside and people yelling.  We looked out our window and people on campus were running wherever they were going and some people were crying.  Then the roommates and I went to the neighbors apartment to watch on television as the second plane hit.  I just remember being very still for a very long time. I was just stunned stupid for a few minutes.  Then I was on the phone trying to get my mom, dad and brother on the line to make sure they were alright (though they were nowhere near NYC). 

Some time after I remember watching a DVD by two french brothers - Naudet I think their name was - that was initially supposed to be the documentary of a rookie NYC fire fighter and turned into a 9/11 documentary.  Surreal.
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