65th Birthday Menu

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Hi Everyone,

My brother and I are throwing my mother a surprise birthday party. The theme is "Motown" but we are at a lost as far as the menu. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would go with the theme?

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One of my favorite memories of the years I lived in Detroit is of . . . Coney Islands. :lol: Hot dogs on buns with mustard, chili, and chopped raw onions. The chili had no beans, and was sort of like what I imagine Cincinnati chili to be like: finely ground meat, more than a hint of sweetness, maybe a little cinnamon or even curry -- a Greek interpretation.

Or if that's not your mom's style, how about foods that were songs? "Do the Mashed Potato" is one I remember (she's only a few years older than me). You can probably check on allmusic.com.
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"sort of like what I imagine Cincinnati chili to be like"

Suz'- keep your chili dream intact. Don't ever go near Cincinnati! :rolleyes:

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