50/50 blend lettuce or cut my own

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Hello. I work at a mom and pop restaurant and right now we buy a case of romain and a case of iceberg and cut it up and mix together. I was wondering, do you think it's more cost effective to just buy the 50/50 blend mix ? $19-23 case of romain/ice and about $25 for smaller case but already mixed. Anyone else use this? Thanks


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The short answer is most of the time whole lettuce is a better deal than the pre cut stuff but not always.  The pre-cut stuff is less prone to short, high spikes in pricing, but IMHO you sacrifice quality.  That pre cut stuff always tastes "off" to me as it has been treated so that it doesn't turn brown quickly.
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I agree with Pete, the precut stuff tastes a bit off. I feel cutting your own is a better product. I have used all kinds of precut for catering. The only precut I felt did me any good was the shredded lettuce I used for burgers......
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