5 years... and counting...

Joined Oct 28, 1999
Well, friends, today is my 5 year anniversary on ChefTalk :chef: . It has been a glorious, unique, challenging, stimulating, exciting, fun trip. I have seen many folks join our community... and some slip away. It is always an inviting place to 'just chat.' And it is always a great place when I need guidance.
That's all. Just wanted to reflect... Thanks for being here!


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Joined Jun 11, 2001
Five! Has it been that long? Wow! Time flies. Congrats Jim and thanks for sticking with us. :)
Joined Nov 20, 2000
Man Kuan was right! How time flies..it seems like only yesterday it was Tuesday :D :rolleyes:
Actually I also wanted to post to see when I joined..

Okay so I'm back...****! I can't believe I'm going on 4 years (physically anyway....can't say I was always present :eek: when here :)
Anyhoo congrats Jim. It's been a fun ride eh?
Joined Jan 5, 2001
Congratulations Jim! And let me be the first one to wish you a happy birthday! For once, I'm a couple of days early... ;)
Joined Dec 8, 1999
I'll be right on time! Happy Birthday, you Styx lovin' freak!

I've got to get Nicko to change my join date back to what it's supposed to be: Dec. 1999. Just so people know I've been putting up with you... oops, I mean enjoying your witty repartee' and knowledge all these years. ;)

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