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    Rattles for Adults ...

    To kick off with, Catalan Chef Carme Ruscadella is the only woman in the world with 5 Michelin Stars, three in Barcelona and two in Tokoyo, Japan.

    Carme and enologist Elena Adell have got together to develop a new gastronomic line of wine candies and to turn wine into edible desserts.

    Both women were astonished and enchanted by their experiments and have already been working with reds, rosés and Cava Sparkling wines wherein, there is a spark on the palate not altering the bubble effect. These candies are going to be commercialised in 2012, their 2nd phase.

    The freeze dried fruit served on ceramic spoons and in wine glasses work as a rattle for adults. Carme explained to me, the secret behind the gastrowines are that they freeze dry all the ingredients which include, violets, yogurt, wine, citrus fruit, apples, rasberries, a cocktail of assorted spices, strawberries and wine, plus the lyophilized wines.

    The thickening agent is the key, Agar which is made from algaes for centuries in Japan.

    She also employs  pectin, a soluble fiber found in fruits and vegetables, she mentioned to hold the candies together, to give them a gel like form.

    She also revealed that Chef Paco Roncero and Chef Mario Sandoval have been creating desserts with malt whiskey.

    Chef Heston Blumenthal is currently experimenting with Andalusian Sherry from Jerez de La Frontera, Spain. I have to catch up with them next week.

    This project stems from The Alicia Foundation, founded by Ferran Adria and Harvard University.

    These desserts are on the taster´s carte of Carme´s Restaurant 35 minutes north of Barcelona at her lovely seaside townhouse restaurant Sant Pau in a charming village of the same name. Having lunch at Sant Pau, is unbelievable, extraordinaire and astounding to the taste buds. The fascinating details included, her dishes look more like paintings than actual food and her cheese cartes are a planetary map guiding you for a taste treat, one can never forget. Memorable ... flawless and a genius too ... She is quite a gal, and not surprising, she and Adriá share the same birthdate.

    Furthermore, another genius on the scene is Kimchi, born in Belgium, of Korean ancestry. He is going to be conquesting Europeans at Madrid Fusion during the week of January 24th with a total renovation of his native Korean cuisine. His inspiration: Patatas Bravas ... Spicy fried potatoes with a piquant tomato sauce ... He was very impressed with this Tapa served throughout Spain and has created a new slant on the appetiser. Piquant Soy Mayonnaise ... Sort of an ali oli however, without the egg and oliveoil.

    Kimchi: www.kfood100.com

    Carme Ruscadella: www.alicia.cat   *** English, Catalan and Spanish
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