3rd Annual International Pastry Competition

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    What is the StarChefs.com International Pastry Competition?

    • An original, three-day pastry competition designed to showcase the creativity of the most talented pastry chefs in the industry
    • 20 pastry chefs compete for the chance to win the grand prize

    Pre-competition, September 29: Pastry training and prep for Round 1

    Round 1, September 30:  Pre-dessert competition

    Round 2, October 1:  Plated dessert competition

    Round 3, October 2:  Finalists create three corresponding chocolate desserts, each showcasing a different technique

    The first and second days of the competition are elimination rounds, culminating in three finalists on the Main Stage during the last day of the ICC. Each of the three competition rounds will be judged based on criteria specific to the items being created and presented that day.

    Round 1:  20 chefs compete for 10 spots to advance to Round 2.

    Round 2:  10 chefs compete for three finalist spots and prizes and advance to the final round.

    Round 3:  1 pastry chef wins the grand prize.

    Grand Prize

    • $5,000 cash, an invitation to attend a 5-Star Pastry Series seminar, and a potential opportunity to work with the 5-Star Pastry Series or Ambassador Program with media promotion, stipend, and accommodations Presented by PreGel America
    • Stage in a top pastry kitchen
    • Profile on StarChefs.com

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