3D birthday cake: which type of batter do you recommend?

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I'm making 3D cake in the shape of a car.

I have different recipes for the sponge that all vary slightly. Eg. butter cake, sponge cake, pound cake. The ingredients are sometimes exactly the same but the quantities vary, eg. some use more eggs, some use more butter, some use more sugar, some use milk whilst others don't.

The cake will be cut into pieces to assemble a car, and it'll be enveloped entirely in a homemade fondant icing. I suppose the cake should be reasonably strong to withstand all this.
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TIEMU: Good morning. I must agree with PANINI's choice for POUND CAKE. As you know it is a much more stronger cake  & thus can handle the weight & handling while being assembled into your choice of configuration. Further as you know you have a choice of employing none or adding chemical leavenars.If you omit these 2, ingredients, the baked product will be dense...hence stronger.

  Anyway good luck & post your results.

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Thanks. A pound cake's higher in butter and sugar but if that makes it stronger I'll give it a go.

Should I use a custard or a butter cream for layers of filling? Scandinavian cream cakes are amazing as they're filled with layers of custard and fruit then the top layer of the cake is layered in cream.
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I think a buttercream holds up better when sculpting. You can also make a flavored simple syrup and brush it on the cake before the butter cream. Simple syrup is half and half, sugar and water and heated until the sugar dissolves and flavor.
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I agree. I think pound cake is better because it is easy to give it a car shape and even it is convenient to cook also.

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