35 yo anthropology undergrad interested in Austrian pastries

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I'm half austrian undergraduate anthropology student. I can't afford Nigerian ifa priests or Haitian manbos to be my oracle and tell me what the gods think I should do.

Just a little joke, I would loove to know more about african spirituality in the caribbean. I know a lot about caribbean cooking too. It's awesome.

I absolutely love learning about what people eat in different regions of china, mexico, countries influenced by ancient persia, yemen, republic of georgia, iran, iraq, spain, portugal, nigeria, ghana, the congo, trinidad, haiti, guyana, jamaica, latin caribbean, French caribbean, south america. I even like American cooking like rhubarb pie made with duck fat, or Scandinavian lefse, matter of fact there are some superb Scandinavian cookbooks out there.

But vodou ifa and obeah are cool. Cultural anthro is a way into the territory of Caribbean studies, Caribbean and African literature is outstanding right?

It is, the quality is very high, it is totally underated, totally.

I'm slowly learning the western alchemy tarot astrology and qaballah.

Still can't figure out what to do.

Ethnography, Marx, Carl jung. That can save the world.

It can, man I could untangle every neoliberal disaster capitalism cluster you know what in the wide caribbean.

But there is something so extraordinary about cooking.

Since I am half austrian I figure I should focus on deserts. Maybe work at French pastry shop.

I wanna eventually experiment with froufrou Austrian delicacies like punchekraphfen, ribeiselschnitte, kardinalschnitte, easterhazytorte, imperial torte, indianerkrapfen, etc, poppyseeds, potato dough, palatschinke etc.

You can see I have a sense of the absurd
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Absurd... quite!

But your quest to investigate pastry is quite impressive. I’m doing similar in spare time and finding the ethnic origins to be fascinating. Many I once considered Austrian could be Hungarian or Czech. Or maybe there are too many similar pastries across the globe.

My study started with Larousse Gastronique but recently migrated to Rick Rodgers book, Kaffeehaus.

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