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I'm probably not supposed to do this but, I am anyways.

For all of you that are women or love women, please take moment-

It only takes thirty seconds...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month....by clicking on the
link above and then clicking on the "Pink Ribbon," Yahoo.com will donate

$1.00 to the Komen Breast Cancer Fund.

Kome has done so much for women out there--they are definitely worthy of support.

Nicko, if you need to delete this, I understand. But, I do not work for Yahoo or the Komen Foundation.
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Thank you Lynn!!!
Everybody, run don't walk to click on the pink ribbon!
I have had two lumps removed, they were nothing thank heavens! But I know many women who have had much more removed and for no good reason. ( I don't consider cancer a good reason for much. That's why we need support to cure and care.)
Chefs, men and women, give your time to help others, it pays you back with the lives you touch.
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Thank you Lynn,

25 years ago my mother had her breast and limpnodes removed. She servied and spent 15 years supporting other woman with breast cancer. I remember the impact it had on our family.This is the best posting I have seen yet
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Hey, Good news!

Yahoo was going to donate up to $5,000, but they increased it to $10,000!

Very Good Cause!

C'mon all you GUYS, Click the ribbon for the women in your lives!



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Thanks so much for posting this link Lynn. A little over ten years ago I lost my mother to cancer. Two years after my mother's death, my father remarried and the woman he married had breast cancer. Thankfully everything is fine and my Dad and his new wife are fine.

I think that it is great that you posted this link Lynne. Really appreciate it.


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Lynne, Are limited to one time? or can we click the ribbon more than once?
Thanks again for the post
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From what I understand you click away once a day (but to be honest I don't know where I think I know that from...) But it doesn't hurt to go for it--

Thank you all for acting and passing it on.

Nicko, I'm glad your Dad's new wife is doing well. Knowledge is power!

Best wishes
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I admire you for what you are doing, lynne. I will pass it on.

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