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Well CoolJ,

I look forward to three new great pastry books hitting the bookshelves in 2 months:
  • Gale Gand's Just a Bite : 125 Luscious, Little Desserts
  • A Year in Chocolate : Four Seasons of Unforgettable Desserts (Alice Medrich)
  • The Last Course : The Desserts of Gramercy Tavern (Claudia Fleming)
Guess who I'm rooting for, just for fun?


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CoolJ, we far prefer watching college hockey than professional. There is so much more heart and soul...that and we can't forgive the North Stars for moving to Dallas...traitors! Never missed a U of Minn hockey game when we were there. And Minnesota boasts a great high school hockey league also!
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Just for fun.

For all the Baseball Fans, the world series is about 2 months away, who's going to play in the finals ?

For any C.F.L Fans, who are you rooting for to win the Grey Cup ? I'm a BC fan, but I don't know if they'll do it again this year.

And lastley for all the Hockey Fans, which would you rather watch, junior/college league hockey or professional hockey ? myself, I prefer junior league.

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