3 bird roast

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Hello everyone,

I am cooking a 4lb 3-bird roast-Pheasant, duck, quail-for New Year. I usually roast to an internal temp of 165 with no problem. However, the last time I made it became tough. I only let it rest for 5 minutes. Should I have let it rest longer??

input appreciated


For those interested serving with:

port reduction sauce

sauteed wildmushrooms and chestnuts

roasted carrots and brussel sprouts
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5mn sounds too short, yes, but I don't think that accounts for the toughness. You probably cooked it too long? With the carry over cooking, you can take it out of the oven before it reaches the target temp, and let it rest... maybe about 15-20mn for 4lbs?
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ah Thanks I did begin to pull it out of the oven when the internal temp alarm rang at 165. so perhapes I should set alarm for 158 or 160.

Thank you kindly
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