27 lb boneless pork leg… help

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   Got a 27 lb boneless pork leg and need to cook it for a prechristmas party to feed a large group. I am looking for some tips on how to go about tackling this thing. I might brine it over night and put it in the oven or maybe smoke it outside with an indirect method. All suggestions would be welcomed.

Thank You 
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I like to do a  light smoke (about four hours) just to get some smoke flavor in it, then coat it in a rub and braise in beer till done.  Haven't had any complaints.....at least not to my face.
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I've never dealt with a boneless (or bone-in) fresh ham on my own.  But with the size being big and all, you might need to inject the brine.  If I were to smoke this, I would hot smoke it with monitoring temperature regularly.
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You could make Cuban style and cook it for about 8 or 9 hours @275  It falls apart.

Or hot smoke about 5-8 hours. or till  internal temp hits about 160=65. Cuban style has less shrinkage.
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