2012 Arcata Bay Oyster Festival

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    I've posted about this event a couple of times over the years.

    I didn't participate the last two years, having left the tribal casino I had worked at for 8 years to work saute in a fine dining establishment for a couple of years.

    I recently hired on as kitchen manager at another local tribal casino, so of course I was asked to participate.

    I had four offerings:

    1. Shooter in the shell - Raw oyster with a sake & ponzu sauce.

    2. Grilled oyster with Cypress Grove's Truffle Tremor compound butter.

    3. Grilled oyster with Champagne butter and salmon caviar.

    4. Applewood smoked oyster on Belgian endive with candied bacon and pickled habanero.

    The last one was what I chose to enter for judging, and for the first time in 7 years of participating, I won!

    Best Cooked Oyster!

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    Congratulations Jim!

    That is a stunning presentation

    Myself, I’m allergic, but I showed this to my hubby

    … he wants Oysters for breakfast now!