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    I went from working at the same golf course for 5 years, the last 3 as the executive sous chef. I use the 'executive' term because apparently there's a number of sous jobs out there that a fair bit more dumbed down than mine was. I was in on budgeting, scheduling, ordering, invoicing, menu development, implementing, costing, etc. I'm damn glad that i got that experience out of that job. It definitely opens up more doors.

    I moved onto a head chef/executive chef position at a seniors home. Thought it would be a good jumpstart to my 'head guy' career. Not the greatest move as it turns out. Not to get into gory details, but 1 month tenure. Resignation by choice. Also my first time on salary(& yes, the two are related...lol). Using it as valuable learning experience.

    Currently working two jobs. One at a unionized golf course(decent money, not overly difficult, nice people) & pt at a local pub while the course is slower(the pub is run by a really sharp chef who has some great ideas).

    Looking for that next opportunity. Went for an executive chef interview(which i bungled magnificiently). Not officially out of the running for that yet. Also got another chef job phonecall this past week that will be followed up with come January(golf course...).