2010 Vancouver Olympics...discuss

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Since the opening ceremony as many here can imagine and others have experienced for those lucky enough to be living in Vancouver, Canada has gone Olympic crazed. I saw bars packed for the men's moguls on Valentines day ignoring their dates and their drinks.

Opening Ceremonies
I have to say I was delightfully surprised. Beijing really pushed the bar high with their spectacle 2 years ago and it was a real show but when compared to what we did, that really what it was...just a show. I found our opening to be more representational of what Canada is about with a good, and I personally think proper, beginning with the aboriginals of the First Nation welcoming the games and the athletes to what was once their land. Though I didn't really get the feel of the multiculturalism of Canada, I still thought it was a good opening full of surprises.

Our First Gold
By Alexandre Bilodeau, 22 years old. I've yet to pour over the videos of men's moguls yet but I saw, as many other, how Dale Begg-Smith's sour look at losing and now Australia's plan to protest that judges' call. Honestly though, if what I hear about the guy is true, guy should be greatful to have placed. Especially if the truth about his business spreading and writing malware and spyware, wouldn't that be grounds for the IOC to remove him and denounce all his achievements?

We and I think the Americans do have an unfair advantage on this sport when it comes to the women's league, its been around for years in North America so obviously we have the skill base here while the rest of the world who are or intend to contend needs to play catch up. I can't wait for our first game with the men's now that Ryan Getzlaf is confirmed to play.
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Haven't watched any of it - but I love curling (one of my national sports) - so will try to watch that.
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I live in Vancouver, and it is crazy!! Its alot of fun for the most part. Only a small set of people being idiots. But i guess thats to be expected! Canada picked up another gold today in snowboard cross. And some very good scores from tonights hockey! So hears to hoping the rain stops falling!!


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If you need any of that snow back you sent our way, it is sitting here in my yard all 24 inches of it.
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