200 menus / 2000 Recipes for sale

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During my long career as Chef I have collected (from places that I worked for) or written the above menus and recipes.Menus are for various cuisines / restaurant types.All are written in German, French,English,Italian and Russian.All menus ae grammatically correct.Menus are foe 'Pubs" to fine French Dining,German Beerhouse or Italian restaurant.
The samea lso for the recipes.
How would I go about to sell these items to interested people ( suppose via Internet) but also get paid for it?
Any suggestions,Ilive and work in Moscow,Russia,
Benedikt,Executive Chef
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1-write an introduction, query letter, and include some sample recipes
2-contact every literary agent you can find and submit the above package to each
3-once you have an agent, contact every publisher of cookbooks you can find
4-meanwhile, once you have a publisher, finish writing your cookbook
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ebay is always an option

but i was considering selling invoice and food cost collections

and recipes archives

by going to food shows and selling them there

you can print them on demand at instantpublisher.com

best of luck

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