20 Trends for 2002

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It's seems that I am the only one who suppose to hate Mac'n cheese although I said that I haven't tasted it...

What so ever, thanks a lot especially for the story.

This reminded me of the children that don't want to eat something and they tell them stories to swallow it down...
I am SURE that trendy or not Mac n cheese is a wonderful dish.
I swear, I believe you. Very soon I will have the opportunity to taste it.Or after second thoughts I will make it tomorrow since I didn't know what to cook anyway.

Strange though... My husband lives for the last 45 years of his life in the States (NYC) and his best -like brother- friend is one of the biggest restauranteurs of NY... Both of them haven't even tasted this thing ( the world thing belongs to them) although the latter serves it

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Back to the mac & cheese for a minute - my mom used to make a side dish from canned tomatoes, croutons and a little sugar to put over the mac & cheese. Has anyone heard of this?
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What a wild thread!

Let's see.........
from mac and cheese,
to green ketchup,
to Rioja,
to more mac and cheese,
to TV,
to food politics,
to more mac and cheese,
then to pastitsio,
the back to more mac and cheese,
to mad cow disease,
to more food politics,
to coffee,
to saltfish,
to Taco Bell,
to Mexican corn,
and aaah, back to mac and cheese?

I don't know how to respond?!;)

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