2-ply / duo-ply / stainless lined aluminum cookware?

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I've seen this type of cookware -- stainless interior and aluminum exterior -- mentioned favorably in some old posts (shoutout BDL). I've done some searching and have only found a few lines of this type:

  • Browne Foodservice Thermalloy 2-ply
  • old "All-Clad LTD" pans with anodized aluminum exterior
  • Carlisle SSAL

Do you know of any others, either current or discontinued?

P.S. I'm also looking for tri-ply cookware with plain flat handles. The only options I've found for this are Vollrath 693308, 693310, and 693312 fry pans. Everything else is "moulded" or "ergonomic" or has a non-removable rubber coating, which I don't want. If Vollrath makes or made sauce pans or saute pans in this style I would love to know, or if there are any other makers with a similar style. Thanks!
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