2 interviews this week

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Just thought I'd share some hopefully good news, since I've certainly shared my fair share of bad news/complaints. I've got two interviews this week, 1 for GM of a fast/casual restaurant and 1 for a sous chef at a very upscale steakhouse. I'm super excited at the possibility of finally making some really good money (something I think we all can relate to in this industry) as well as the challenge of learning new things and growing as a chef.
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Good luck. Hope you land one of them.

By the way, how did you get interviews for 2 vastly different jobs at the same time? o_O
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The GM position is at a very small place, so it's slightly more comparable to an assistant manager in a lot of ways. Mostly just handling payroll, ordering, etc. all of which I've done in previous jobs (some outside of hospitality) and has less to do with cooking abilities. The sous chef job is more of a direct progression in terms of growing as a chef and less to do with the business skills I've picked up over the years. I guess the different job requirements just relate to that, in the decade that I've been out of college, I've spent about half of it working in hospitality and half of it in media.

As far as 2 in the same week, I've been applying like crazy looking for a better job, and both just happened to call me on the same day for an interview. I'm looking for a good fit though, so I'm in no rush to jump from one crap job to another.

Both interviews went well. The GM interview turned out to be a "talent pool" type deal for a new location opening in a year or two, so it was kind of a dud even though the interview itself went well. I have a final screening with the GM for the sous job, so I'm hopeful it pans out. I'm optimistic, but you're not hired til your hired, so I'm not going to celebrate yet either.

Thanks for the well-wishes everyone.
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Congrats on the two interviews, hope they go well. Go in there like you own the place, check health inspection records and get as much information about the kitchen / restaurant as you can so you can understand the issues they are having in the kitchen. If you can gear your interview like you're the answer to the problem they are having then you have a good shot at getting any kitchen job.
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