1st catering event...$$$???

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    I have been BBQing and Cooking for a few years now, mainly family and friends, I have been asked to cater a party of approx. 30 people..they are requesting that we cook on site..this means transporting our commercial cooker as well as all sides to be cooked on site (prepared before arrival) the menu will consist of Baby Back Ribs, Chicken, Specialty Salad (Greens, Strawberries, Black Berries, Blue Cheese, walnuts and red onions) Italian Greens, Stuffed hungarian hot peppers, and Potatoes with peppers and onions. I'm setting up all chafing units and presntation..and obviously clean up and the end. I only have the help of 2 other people..my cost total up to around $350.00...not sure how much to charge...any help please.
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    Check the menus of catering operations in your area and see what they would charge for a similar event. Many have menus and prices posted on the internet with prices adjusted for pick-up, on site delivery or on-site attendance. Often prices are per person. This won't give you an exact price but with a bit of figuring you can get a ball park and adjust for your situation. Look for extra charges for equipment transport, extra staff, per hour rates for being on site, etc. 

       You say your cost is around $350. Does that include the two staff members plus paying yourself, time spent preparing the food for transport plus gas and delivery time plus food cost plus time spent at the event?

     Let's say it does. So $10 per person at 30 people would be 300 gross receipts. $15 per person is $450. 

    I'll leave the rest up to you. 

    Whatever you do, don't feel guilty about the price you charge. You're doctor, lawyer and dentist certainly don't. 

    Good Luck. 
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