1970 Ch. Lynch Bages

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Last night I drank a 1970 Ch. Lynch Bages, a Pauillac. Absolutely the best red that I ever drank. After two hours of being open, the taste steadily improved. All this dispite that the level of liquid had fallen below the shoulders approximately 1 inch during the 24 years that I've possessed the wine. Tasteeeeeeee!!!
Most reds that I've drank seem to go downhill after a half an hour or so, as did the 1971 CH. Mouton Rothschild that I opened New Years's Eve, 1999. Perhaps the accompaniment of the video, Scarface, affected the flavor. Wine selection and investment is a crapshoot like the selection of a pool cue. One is dealing with a product of Mother Nature. You never know how it'll age, like a child.

I'll email y'all a taste!


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I have been a fan of Lynch-bages for many years..
outside of the 89 vintage the 70 was the best I have had.Big,deep colored and rich black fruit.ceder and leather were also in the fold.As I check my notes it's been seven years since I have enjoyed that wine. Glad to hear it is still in great shape.as to the 71 mounton,I'm suprised that it still had good structure (or maybe I'm not)71 was a good year for mouton,not great..non the less a good mouton is better than no mouton at all :)
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I purchased that wine in 1977 for less that $15 a bottle. Now, according to a Wine Spectator catalog, it's worth $140. It certainly tasted like it. I'm almost sorry to have opened it this soon! ;)
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