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Last night a few of us at work we're invited to a special function at the Players Club. This is a private club on Grammercy park that was the brain child of Edwin Booth (brother of Johns wilks Booth)Edwin Booth in his time was the most famous actor.In 1888 he purchased this "incredible brownstone"and he,General Shermin and Mark Twian created this club for people in the theater and the arts.It was designed to have non theater members as well. Doctors,Lawyers,Science types Etc.

The first female member was Helene Hays (1989) and the Club houses the personal liberary of booth which is the largest private collection in the world dedicted to the theater.Many universities use the liberary for reserch.

The "97"year old gentelmen who took us was Robert C Schnitzer


Mr S was a very prominent Stage manager in his time and sits on the board of the club.

The brownstone is covered from top to bottom with amazing 1 of a kind art work and many,many costumes worm by Mr Booth over 100 years ago.

Mr Shcnitzer donated the original steel armour helmut worn in Cerano de Bergerac.

There is a huge humidor holding the worlds finest cigars and a very impressive wine celler.

We had cocktails,then dinner (no great shakes) and then a show.It was a reading from Guys and Dolls from the broadway cast.This theater is actually in the home.

We finished with Port and cigars,caught the MTA home :)

I wish I could tell you all the artist work (there was a Hirshfeld of Booth) the only Hirshfeld ever done on a dead person.

Cool time,great history
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