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I usually make a lot of homemade jam in the summer to keep for the year. This summer we're on weight watchers so I'd like to try some 100% fruit spreads and see if I can eliminate the refined sugar.

My first attempt was basic - I made blueberry and used the recipe in the no sugar pectin box. I was somewhat unimpressed(some of this could have been the quality of the berries, hard to find good ones in Arizona).

Anybody know the secret to a good fruit spread? Got some great recipes to share?

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Since you're not adding sugar (I assume this means no sweetener), try adding vanilla beans, and/or cinnamon sticks while cooking. Just for some subtle sweetness. A squeeze of lemon can really brighten up the flavor of cooked fruits as well.
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I want to try to make crab-apple jelly this year - also sugar free. I know that I will need to use sweetener, but???? Interested in seeing what the folks here will come up with on this thread.
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thanks for the suggestion. i did use lemon in my recipe. my problem is replacing the sugar...the recipe i used called for grape juice which I think was the problem...it just overwhelmed the berries...

Any other suggestions on what to use in place of sugar?

many thanks!


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The amount of sugar in jams and jellies acts as a preservative. It reduces water activity. Commercial stuff contains at least 55% sugar, while traditional jams contain about 60/40 fruit/sugar. Using natural gelling agents like applesauce allows you to use less sugar. Using commercial pectin requires the addition of sugar and acid to facilitate gelling. SO... there is an inverse relationship between added sugar and yield. You can get more yield if you use commercial pectin. The drawback is you will require more sugar. I prefer the old ways myself :)

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thank you for all the information!

I regularly buy Blackberry 100% fruit spread from Trader Joe's that I really like. I see on the label it uses juice and pectin...

I'm trying to make something like this. I too prefer homemade to storebought but with the Weight Watchers thing am trying to find something we can eat a little more liberally this year till we're off the program.

Anyone have any good fruit spread recipes? The blueberry with grape juice just wasn't very good...
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How about trying applejuice concentrate instead of grape? The flavour would be more neutral, I think.

I've got some recipes with honey, but I don't think I've got any sugar-free ones. Isn't it deemed unwise to make low-sugar jams without industrial-strength canning machinery? Supposedly, without the sugar, they're like little bacterial paradise vacations.

What about a variation on freezer jam?
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Splenda (sucralose) is heat-stable and measures like sugar. It's a bit expensive, but you probably won't need much if your fruit is sweet already.

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