Wings: 50 High-Flying Recipes for America's Favorite Snack

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  1. justpj
    "High Flying"
    Pros - Great photography, simple easy to prepare recipes
    Cons - book contains less than 60 recipes
    Tailgating, pub fare, appetizers, those are the first things that come to mind when one thinks of chicken wings.  Is that the only time you think of serving wings?  Well think again.  Wings , chicken or otherwise, can be a main dish as well as those snacks and appetizers, and Wings by Debbie Moose is a great place to find new and inventive pays to prepare them. 

    The book begins with the BFW, BRW, BGW recipes.  Those being the basic fried, roasted , and grilled wing traditional recipes as well as a few of the recipes we are more familiar with such as the Italian seasoning coating and the typical holiday party wings in sauce.  From there it goes on to expand this usual fare into some, what I considered, unique and delicious varieties of marinades and coatings, and sauces.  In the chapter entitled Fire It Up, the book goes into some devilishly spicy and tasty options and likewise in the Flying High chapter where exotic spices normally not associated with the humble wing are proposed as a walk on the winged wild side! 

    The photography displayed in this book is provided by Jason Wyche.  Most of the 50 odd recipes included in this book are accompanied by a full color photograph depicting the finger licking, mouth watering wing or sauce described.  One would think that there are just so many pictures of a poultry wing that one could include but I found this man’s pictures to all be very appetizing and inviting.

    If you are an at home cook, caterer, chef, or private chef, I would highly recommend giving this little book a look through.  Add some flair to your next party or engagement with a new twist on an old standard.  Watch them fly off the serving tray!